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Gallery of beads (as of May 2, 2010)

Click on images for larger image. From upper left, by rows.

Please note - this is a subset of beads available. (And some beads may have been used in projects created since pictures taken.)

6/0 seed beads (for kumihimo necklaces)
From upper left: Silver, silver matte, pink rainbow, pink matte, silver rainbow, orange rainbow, lilac rainbow, amethyst rainbow. Second row: gold, light gold matte, red, red matte, orange, orange matte, lilac, lilac matte. Third row: rootbeer (brown), medium gold, yellow, yellow matte, ruby rainbow, -, amethyst, amethyst matte. Row four: rootbeer matte, gold rainbow, yellow rainbow, -, -, -, steel grey, steel grey matte.

6/0 seed beads (for kumihimo necklaces)
From upper left: -, light green matte, light green rainbow, cobalt rainbow, aqua rainbow, pale blue rainbow, pale blue, pale blue matte. Second row: lime green, lime green matte, lime green rainbow, light aqua rainbow, teal, teal matte, light aqua, light aqua matte. Third row: -, jade green, jade green matte, dark aqua rainbow, cobalt, cobalt matte, dark aqua, dark aqua matte.. Row four: dark green, -, dark green rainbow, -, -, dark blue rainbow, dark blue, dark blue matte.

Gold (color)
Plated brass, etc.

Silver (color)
Plated brass, etc.

Plastic, glass, opal, shell

Plastic, glass, shell

Stone (onyx), glass, plstic

Glass and fresh water pearls

Shell, wood, plastic beads

Crackle glass beads

Plastic, glass, shell

Glass, stone (apatite)

Glass, stone
Including rose quartz

Plastic, glass

Glass, plasic

Stone, glass

Plastic, glass

Plastic, glass

Reds, pinks, purple, mauve
Glass, metal

Stone, glass

Tiger eye (red, brown, blue), aquamarine

Jasper, unakite, aventurine, etc.


Glass, stone
Rocaitile, bicone, E seed, etc.

Glass beads

Glass, plastic, stone

Plastic, glass, stone

Wood and plastic

Angel "makings"
IOW, the "body", wings and halos.

Top row (L-R): Ruby AB, Ruby, Lavendar, Amethyst, Green, Aqua, Cobalt AB, Aqua AB

2nd row: Crystal AB, Silver, Vitrail, -, Iris, -, Honey, gold

3rd row: Small down, heart, bat wing, upwing (silver); upwing (gold), small down (antique gold), small down (bright gold)

Bottom row: halo (antique silver), halo (silver), -, rocaille peach, crystal peach, small halo (gold), halo (bright gold), halo (antique gold)

Christmas-themed beads (part 1)

25mm plastic Christmas lights (red, green, blue, gold); lampwork teddy bears (multi colors); lampwork "wrapped" candies; lampwork Christmas trees; polymer coin Christmas themed beads; lampwork Christmas trees, snowmen.

Lampwork angels; mini red spheres; polka dot multi-color spheres; Santa tedy bear; holly button.

Small plastic Chrsitmas lights; glitter ornament; gold spheres; misc lampwork Christmas theme (hat, etc.); lampwork Santa; lampwork Christmas stocking.

Christmas-themed beads (part 2)

25mm metal Christmas lights (silver, gold); gold shinny jingle bells; gold matte jingle bells; silver matte jingle bells; silver shinny jingle bells

25mm metal Christmas lights (red, green), blue/purple jingle bells; red jingle bells; shinny silver mini jingle bells; shinny grey mini jingle bells

25mm metal Christmas lights (blue); silver liberty bells; mini red jingle bells; mini mini shinny gold jingle bells; mini gold jingle bells

Glitter Christmas lights (red, blue, green, gold, purple); gold liberty bells, turquoise mini jingle bells; green mini jingle bells; purple mini jingle bells

Plus crystal (about 20 varieties), faceted glass (about 20 varieties), and misc. charms (metal, stone, glass; 40+ varieties)

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