Ramping up for the holidays

Nearly a year has past since I last updated the blog.  So many new things have been learned.

A number of prototypes were attempted and sent to family for “testing”.  (Namely dog leashes)

This year, I’ve added a few new designs for holiday earrings, including a few I still have to dig out the parts purchased “many years ago”. (I have at least two such earrings.) So keep your eye on the front page for new pretties.

I’ve also changed the front page of the site to be more image friendly, showing not only the thumbnail image, but also a description and the (base) price.  Do let me know if that’s a help.

October Kumihimo challenge bracelet

This is a bracelet I made for the Kumihimo Challenge group October Challenge. The specifications were no “round” (or sphere) beads. Five different shapes, nine different beads are used.  Interested? You can purchase it here.

More in the works.

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